Friday, 30 September 2011

Converse x Synamatix

The final instalment of our Converse Collaborates series is here!

Alex Powis ‘Synamatix’:

About: ‘Synamatix’ is Editor in Chief & Mixtapes Director of the UK’s finest streetwear blog  The Daily Street and specialises in sneakers and menswear aswell as covering the UK underground dance music scene.
Describe your style at school? At school I was all about music and skateboarding, so whatever style went hand-in-hand with that lifestyle. A lot of baggy jeans, skate shoes, long scruffy hair, beanies, the works. I did shave my head at 16 though, which switched things up a bit.
What was your favourite school bag or accessory? I had a wicked rucksack in olive green, covered in band logos, skate logos etc. That was my greatest bag by a mile.
Bags Inspiration: Daily Street X Dead Plate.  All the drawings are logo’s of old record labels.

Alex's bag is customised in a minimal and personal way - just like the bag's we used to have at school, scrawled with the names of our favourite bands and the occasional insults secretly scribbled on by friends.

Remember, you can pick up your own Converse bags at Blackleaf, Schuh and JD Sports. Grab a bag, some markers and go wild!

images: Curtis Gibson

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jasper Garvida SS12

Fashion Week has not only opened our eyes to gorgeous clothes, but we have been loving the glamourous locations for the shows not shown at Somerset House. Jasper Garvida welcomed us to The Bloomsbury Hotel for his highly anticipated SS12 collection. Tantrum were super excited as last season, Jasper wowed us with utter brilliance and a faultless showing of garments. This season, however it all seemed a little flat. That's not to say we didn't like the clothes, they just didn't live up to AW11. Is it just us, or do you expect colour for summer and dark hues for Autumn/Winter? Maybe we're starting to stereotype typical seasonal fashion but things seemed to be going backwards - maybe that is what we should appreciate about fashion, who knows?

Something we did like though were the garments that were leopard inspired; but not the usual leopard print. Jasper Garvida had captured the print of a snow leopard beautifully, and it really worked with the feminine silhouettes of the long, floor draped dresses. The collection as a whole really mixed the sweet and the savory. Peplum skirt dresses and shirts adorned with frills sweetly clashed with the edgy style of gold and silver metalics, heavey sequins and statment zips.

Jasper is still loved by us here at Tantrum and we can't wait to see what he pulls out the bag next season. If the last two collections are anything to go by, we may be seeing a collaboration of bright hues and sequins - watch this space!

words: Jemma Lamble

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Converse x Chantelle Fiddy & Wayne Chisnall

Chantelle Fiddy:

About: Chantelle Fiddy is a journalist and renowned commentator on London's grime scene, whose music credentials include penning for Ctrl.Alt.Shift, RWD Magazine, Mixmag, Sunday Times Style and Dazed & Confused as well as presenting on  Channel 4's 'Generation Next' and making multiple appearance on BBC Radio 1's Review Show. You'll mostly find her online. 

What band's style influenced you at school?
As a teen I was musically confused. My love for jungle and happy hardcore clashed on a daily basis with a growing appreciation for the likes of Morcheeba, Moloko and The Counting Crows. Random I know. Then there were the staple favourites - TLC, Salt & Pepper, Snoop Dogg... It's no wonder then that I changed my bag as often as the disc in my portable CD player (looking back, how the hell did we even fit those in our pockets?).

Describe your school style or you’re favourite accessory? As a result of my broadened musical horizons my school style flitted between record bags and (hideous) rave jackets (I hereby admit to rocking a Technics number) to holding my (entire mop of unbrushed) hair up with felt tip pens and wearing leg warmers alongside my yellow shirt and green blazer. I also attempted some trend setting early on, opting for the skirt over trouser look long before actual combo's went on sale on the high street. Probably not something to shout about.

Bags Inspiration: 
Chantelle collaborated with London based artist Wayne Chisnall to create her bag, coming up with a design that centred around sending messages to their younger selves. “Wayne’s dad was a tattooist and artist, and I’m a country girl which is where the hand-painted artwork and wild flowers come in. The crossed guns and flower design echo the 60s peace movement and the slogan reads ‘Fire with what you’ve got’, which is basically saying, work with and be happy with what you’ve got, and ‘be good at being you’. I also remembered lots of my favourite Happy hardcore logos used gun symbols, and as for the badges, they're from my massive badge collection but are applied in a very neat and tidy way - rare for me!"

Wayne Chisnall:

What band's style influenced you at school? 
80’s...Depeche Mode, I had Goth leans at one point, The Damned, Nick Cave.

Describe your school style or you’re favourite accessory?

New romantic….Large, trousers zip tucked into boots.  I had an old green canvas military kit bag that I used to lug around with me when I travelled around the country, following bands on their tours. These kit bags were a bit of a trend amongst some members of the alternative scene at the time and we used to decorate them with graffiti (and playful insults if we managed to scribble on someone else's bag when they weren't looking) and logos from our favourite bands.

We love Chantelle & Wayne's fresh take on the Converse duffel! Keep an eye on the blog for our final Converse installment!

House Of Evolution SS12

We were definitely in for a treat when attending the House of Evolution catwalk, not only were Tantrum sat on front row, but we had 3 shows to sit through, triple the action, triple the fun. The House of Evolution is a collective of creativity and talent from 3 impressive, contemporary designers.

DAS were the first designers to showcase on the catwalk, Emirati sisters Reem and Hind Bejafla are the masterminds behind the brand. The collection was very mystical with floaty fabrics inspired by ancient Greece that infused feminine elegance with spiritual auras.

Dresses were clearly inspired by Greek Togas, rope detailing crossed delicately at the back and clinched in at waists. Powdered shades of blue, lilac and pink were repetitive, as well as clean crisp whites and neutral tones. Slinky silk material was key to this dreamy, Greek collection with graceful movement that was nothing less than beautiful.

Chiffon caped at the back, giving the impression of wings. Detailing was panelled down the front to add an interesting spark to the gathered, luxurious material. Not everything was plain however, hemlines got shorter the further in to the show, gold metallics flashed sparkle in tiled metal-like squares that adorned many a garment. Fitted trousers that ruched at the ankle were decorated by shoes that had ribbon tied up around the calf of the leg, which definitely added class - this was a detail that us Tantrum girls took a shine too.

MATH were second the show. Shaz, the designer comes from a graphic design background, with influences stemming from London's culture, architecture and style. The collection was one that mixed textures and colours, suitable for that super chic woman.

Neutral colour palettes were injected with electric shades of orange, blue and pink. Fluorescent shades also seeped onto a mix of chiffon, silk and georgette fabrics that gave a modern touch. Oversized garments met closely with 'easy-to-wear' silhouettes that kept the modern MATH women contemporary and elegant.

Everyday attire included comfortable leggings with fabric panels, paired with chiffon shirts and oversized envelope style briefcases. Shoes were a mixture of killer patent heels and flat workstyle boots - " The collection is about understated elegance, with a focus on being fashion forward in a paired back way.". 

Third was definitely a Tantrum favourite, a brand called ROHMIR. Olga Roh, the excellence behind Rohmir found her forte in luxury fashion design, starting the brand back in 2007. This collection has been said to be inspired by 'rain in an exotic garden', something that is clear in her designs. With the idea of looking at rain through the sunshine lens, colours included a sun-kissed yellow, orange, rainy blue, sweet peach shades and under-the-sea tones of turquoise.

Although the clothes were a huge hit with us, we especially loved the fluroescent, feathered eyelashes which made the collection more fun and interesting to watch. Ruffles, feathers and lace were all "fierce injections of cosmopolitan glamour". Maxi lengths were a key aspect, some including sexy splits on one side to reveal the classic beauty of a woman's figure. Luxury materials clung to the curvacious female silhouettes, in hope to continue to inspire her to dress to the classic female look.

The finale dress was spectacular, layers upon layers of off-cream fabric, almost of Edwardian style adorned with mini LED lights that glistened blue in the darkness of the room - a great way to end a lovely SS12 collection.

words: Jemma Lamble 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Basso & Brooke SS12

Having been in love with the Basso and Brooke since they first emerged in 2004, we at Tantrum were ecstatic to receive an invite to see the duo's spring summer collection and let us saw now, that they did not disappoint.
This collection boasted a stunning selection of structured suits and maxi dresses teamed with beautiful tropical and block coloured prints, which blew our sheer socks off in excitement. The collages of eclectic prints from plants to cat eyes with abstract blocks of colour were mesmerising, each print brilliantly accentuated the cut of each garment. One thing is for sure about the duo; they definitely have an eye for colour and we at Tantrum would love to see that translated into accessories! Watch this space. 

words: Selina Lalli

Monday, 19 September 2011

Teatum Jones SS12

'Once Upon A Time' would seem an appropriate collection of words to start this post off with, as a fairytale is exactly what the Teatum Jones presentation conveyed. What would the fairytale be, you may ask? Well, it would be "a story of a vibrant young couple swept along by a well packaged dream of perfection and what happens when that artificial dream expires and leaves you with nothing but your own surreal and frantic desire to escape".

The posh, Georgian-built venue was a admirable place to show such a whimsical collection, setting the mood beautifully. As we entered, hot and flustered from London's flash of sunshine we were more than happy to be offered a vodka martini -  everyone needs a strong drink during fashion week, don't you agree? With soft music playing in the background and fashion fiends sipping from their martini glass, the elegant, dreamy designs immediately caught our eye.

It seems that many designers this season have opted for a static showing, moving away from the quick fix of excitement that a catwalk presents. But we're not complaining - it was a calm showing that captured all essence of a sweet daydream. Each model was on a centre fixture, dresses of floaty fabrics were draping over the dainty, antique furniture. It was clear that the inspiration came from the "sentimental perfection of 1950's American suburbia".

Masculine structured tailoring met feminine silhouettes, creating a chic, classy look. Digital prints embossed layers upon layers of silk and organza fabrics, decorating a blank canvas of blush pinks, sherbet blues and taupe lilacs. A vintage diamond chandelier hung above the set, giving that romantic, dimmed light adding to the harmonious aura.

Mannequins supported the main pieces in a line at the back of the room, flesh-coloured palettes were injected with a bright lemon shade that added yet more depth to the colour, texture and shape.

words: Jemma Lamble

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ashish SS12

It was almost as if we had stumbled into an outside fantasy of flowered meadows when entering the Ashish show yesterday morning. With said inspirations of flowers and the french countryside, we knew the collection would be a beautiful one.  Sequins were a key feature in this girls flower show and emblazoned the trusty biker jacket as well as the sweats and denim, giving the look that trademark Ashish sparkle.
It was evident that Ashish wanted to keep the collection away from complicated designs, simplicity was definitely the strong point - it wasn't too busy and everything patched together nicely.

Sunflowers, poppys and rosebuds grew on middy dresses, loosely structured shorts and timeless classic - the mini skirt. Hemlines weren't all short however, maxi dresses played a big part in this collection, so much so I think it is safe to conclude that the maxi is going nowhere anytime soon.

Although the Ashish girl may be personified as a hopeless romantic, there is definitely another side to her -  the tough side. Dark plum lips meet the tough workman-styled boots, and although decorated with flower vines, the fedora hat was there to toughen the edge. Splashes of leopard print and gingham made there way through the garden gates, intertwining with the floral print to add extra interest and depth.

We will be dabbling in this tough, romantic flower fiasco next season, will you be joining us?

words and photos: Jemma Lamble

Rodnik Band SS12

On Friday, Tantrum headed to St Martins Lane hotel to view Rodnik Band's latest collection, and we seemed to find ourselves strutting around saying 'Ahoy Sailor' rather frquently. If the 5* venue was anything to go by, we knew we were in for a treat, and a treat it was. 
The designer behind the eclectic brand, Philip Colbert, has launched his exclusive 'Cod Save the Sea' collection, including the special t-shirt to support the Environmental Justice Foundation in its work to end 'pirate' fishing. Colbert's designs portray that amazing almagamation between music, art and fashion, and wearable art is definitely on the Rodnik Band agenda. We at Tantrum loved each and every 'art dress' exhibited at the launch. Aquatic shades were bold with exquisit fish scale patterns and scalloped designs in sequined, PVC and soft cotton materials.


Each design is hand-sewn, paying great attention to embroidered detail. With a unique pop art approach the colours were bold, the designs theatrical and each dress was as interesting as the last - diverse fashion at its best. If you lack confidence in wearing such designs, such as a sequined teapot dress or PVC fisherman's coat then don't stress, a more wearable, toned down nautical collection of dresses are also available, that's not to say that the designs aren't funky, though. Not only did the dresses stand out, the pieces accompanying them were a perfect match; From a piranha bag to a shark clutch - they were literally killer accessories!

Not only were we infatuated by the boldness of designs, but the cocktails weren't half bad either (and of-course the music set the tone of the under-the-sea magic!). Keeping with the unique brand identitiy, Rodnik Band has made its mark on individuality in the fashion industry. The label has a niche celebrity following including Lily Cole, Sienna Miller and Liv Tyler and has been continuously supported by everyones fave fashion-monger, Karl Lagerfeld.

Philip Colbert has said that "the collaboration has allowed him to create a strong message behind the clothes". The collection is available from ASOS from September, 16.

words: Jemma Lamble

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Paul Costelloe SS12

The 1962 Hollywood classic 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane' was the prime inspiration behind the rather astonishing SS12 collection by Paul Costelloe. Bonding together the usual Costelloe style with a hint of vintage Parisian chic was something worth seeing, and was definitely a graceful opening to London Fashion Week. With the collection came celebration of strong, feminine silhouettes that showed great influences from the 1960s. Whipped cream shades complimented beautiful pastel colours which held ladylike qualities, cocooning the body in elegance and class.

Flirtatious babydoll dresses were a key feature, constructed with luxurious fabrics in angelic tones with bright injections of colour - coral pinks and pastel greens were a huge hit, also intertwining splatters of metallics. Layering of such fabrics gave a floaty feel that not only gave the models grace, but the incentive to move with style.

A young, innocent vibe was positively received by us at Tantrum, soft ruffles and constructed pleats accompanied inserts of lace, creating that timeless, whimsical feeling that all desire. It wasn't all light and airy, stiff collars and exaggerated puff sleeves were all the rage - a well-defined twist. Humbug inspired stripes were also present ( yes, ladies were talking sweets here!), as were buttoned-up shirt dresses and shift dresses belted at the waist.

We all have a weakness for ladylike dressing, pretty colours and frills, in which Paul Costelloe evidently needs applauding. As a whole, the collection kept to the trademark
Costelloe aesthetic - 'faithful to effortless luxury whilst incorporating a modern edge'.

words: Jemma Lamble

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Converse x Britta Burger

Following all our Converse bags & accessories hype previously, we bring you news that they've collaborated with emerging UK-based creatives, who have customised their Converse bags to suit their styles and personalities (and you can, too! Converse bags are the perfect blank canvas!) First in our installment is Britta Burger - A London-dwelling photographer & journalist...

About: Britta Burger is a London based stylist, photographer and journalist from Austria. After her degree in literature and linguistics she completed an MA in fashion journalism (London College of Fashion). Britta is Acting Fashion Editor at Cooler magazine and London Fashion Editor of Flux magazine. She also freelances for a variety of UK and international magazines and quality newspapers. Her special area of interest is youth and subculture.

What band's style influenced you at school and why?Nirvana. It was all about grunge back then.

Describe your school style or your favourite accessory?Grungey - beige corduroy Levi's, grey lambswool sweaters, my grandad's old cardigans, mini kilts and over the knee socks, embroidered waistcoats, my favourite items were a black vintage tailcoat and a floorlength navy military double breasted coat with gold buttons - it was two sizes too big and I thought it looked amazing (we obviously didn't have to wear uniforms...)

How did you style up your school uniform?I went to school in Austria, we don't have uniforms there. But I remember being so impressed with them on my first trip to England as a teenager that I wore my own version of a British school uniform for at least a year...

The inspiration behind the bag:I worked on the bag whilst I was back home in Austria which was where I grew up.
I’m a big fan of the author John Updike and his 'rabbit' tetralogy, the duffle bag really reminded me of all-American High-School basketball heroes, the whole sporty collegiate style. It’s also about the way I grew up, the whistles remind me of my parents who were sports teachers and the poms poms, which I made with wool from my Granma’s house, are kind of like balls.
The canvas of the bag was just asking to be drawn on with the markers and I suppose it's also an abstract take on the classic stars and stripes, but I was inspired by the iconic pop art aspect of it, not the fact that it's a national flag. 

How amazing is Britta's kitsch all-American bag?! Stay tuned for the next installment of Converse's collaborations.
To be continued...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Bebaroque meets PPQ.

Us Tantrum ladies are partial to a good pair of tights, especially when such hosiery is intricately adorned with eclectic patterns and delicate jewels.

Bebaroque is a luxury brand that has been on our radar for quite some time. Specialising in hosiery and body suits, there's no wonder why the brand keeps our fashion hearts beating.

This London Fashion Week will be the first for Bebaroque, here at Tantrum we're excited to say the very least; especially because the brand has teamed up with one of our other favourites, PPQ. Here's a little peek at Bebaroque's AW11 collection, just to give you all a little taste of what to expect from their SS12 collaboration with PPQ.

These body suits are absolutely beautiful, we would like nothing more to strut around a party in such attire. The designs scream out elegance and seduction, we just can’t get enough. It seems this collaboration is definitely going to be a good one, uniting both brand's creative minds, both thriving on the rapid rise to fame in their own fields.

The design we are most excited to see is one that combines repeated leopard digital print, PPQ brand letters, rope and tassels. There is also a fully embroidered and embellished body that will incorporate Bebaroque’s best selling Priscilla print blended with PPQ’s rose imagery - sounds delightful, don‘t you agree?

Bebaroque for PPQ’s capsule collection will first be seen on the PPQ catwalk on the opening day of London Fashion Week - keep your eyes peeled.

View more Bebaroque here.

words: Jemma Lamble


Friday, 2 September 2011

'80s Queens.

If, like us, you're a sucker for '80s and early '90s teen movies (think Breakfast Club, Heathers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, Back to the Future and yes, Wayne's World...) Then no doubt you're familiar with the silver-screen's quirkiest queens that go by the names of Winona Ryder and Molly Ringwald.

Longtime idols of ours at Tantrum, we've seen every movie they were ever in and have tried (and mostly, failed) to incorporate the styles and fashion choices of the various characters Winona & Molly have played. And now, uber-cool t-shirt line, Blood Is The New Black, has revived our teen dreams to reference our style icons without, ahem, looking like we just stepped out of a Tim Burton/John Hughes movie.

These rad Winona and Molly tees have been created by artists, Jfish/Khmara for an exclusive collaboration with Blood Is The New Black.
The perfect homage to our '80s idols, we can't wait to get our hands on these tees! And as a little visual treat for you guys, here's the video for Blood Is The New Black's Fall 2011 collection!

Blood is the New Black Fall 2011 from Blood is the New Black on Vimeo.

Winona/Molly t-shirts by Jfish/Khmara for Blood Is The New Black - $44.99.
available for purchase at and Urban Outfitters

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Reigning queen of the supermodel scene, Kate Moss is obviously no stranger to photographs. We've all seen the career-making Corinne Day snapshots, Calvin Klein adverts and Vogue covers that this beauty has graced, as well as the headline-grabbing paparazzi shots documenting her falls from grace.

But never before have we been allowed an insight into the days in the life of Kate. The product of two decades of friendship, 'Kate Moss by Mario Testino', offers a glimpse into intimate, behind-the-scenes imagery, showcasing the pioneer of heroin chic in a way we've never seen before.

Many of the 100+ photographs in this book are unreleased images from Testino's private archives, and the book also features a foreword by Mario Testino and an essay by his greatest muse, Kate Moss herself. A rare and unconventional glimpse into the rise of an undoubted fashion icon, 'Kate Moss by Mario Testino' deserves a place on the bookshelves and coffee tables of everyone who's at all interested in the worlds of fashion, art and culture.

Kate Moss by Mario Testino, £44.99 is published by Taschen and available here.