Saturday, 17 September 2011

Paul Costelloe SS12

The 1962 Hollywood classic 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane' was the prime inspiration behind the rather astonishing SS12 collection by Paul Costelloe. Bonding together the usual Costelloe style with a hint of vintage Parisian chic was something worth seeing, and was definitely a graceful opening to London Fashion Week. With the collection came celebration of strong, feminine silhouettes that showed great influences from the 1960s. Whipped cream shades complimented beautiful pastel colours which held ladylike qualities, cocooning the body in elegance and class.

Flirtatious babydoll dresses were a key feature, constructed with luxurious fabrics in angelic tones with bright injections of colour - coral pinks and pastel greens were a huge hit, also intertwining splatters of metallics. Layering of such fabrics gave a floaty feel that not only gave the models grace, but the incentive to move with style.

A young, innocent vibe was positively received by us at Tantrum, soft ruffles and constructed pleats accompanied inserts of lace, creating that timeless, whimsical feeling that all desire. It wasn't all light and airy, stiff collars and exaggerated puff sleeves were all the rage - a well-defined twist. Humbug inspired stripes were also present ( yes, ladies were talking sweets here!), as were buttoned-up shirt dresses and shift dresses belted at the waist.

We all have a weakness for ladylike dressing, pretty colours and frills, in which Paul Costelloe evidently needs applauding. As a whole, the collection kept to the trademark
Costelloe aesthetic - 'faithful to effortless luxury whilst incorporating a modern edge'.

words: Jemma Lamble