Friday, 30 September 2011

Converse x Synamatix

The final instalment of our Converse Collaborates series is here!

Alex Powis ‘Synamatix’:

About: ‘Synamatix’ is Editor in Chief & Mixtapes Director of the UK’s finest streetwear blog  The Daily Street and specialises in sneakers and menswear aswell as covering the UK underground dance music scene.
Describe your style at school? At school I was all about music and skateboarding, so whatever style went hand-in-hand with that lifestyle. A lot of baggy jeans, skate shoes, long scruffy hair, beanies, the works. I did shave my head at 16 though, which switched things up a bit.
What was your favourite school bag or accessory? I had a wicked rucksack in olive green, covered in band logos, skate logos etc. That was my greatest bag by a mile.
Bags Inspiration: Daily Street X Dead Plate.  All the drawings are logo’s of old record labels.

Alex's bag is customised in a minimal and personal way - just like the bag's we used to have at school, scrawled with the names of our favourite bands and the occasional insults secretly scribbled on by friends.

Remember, you can pick up your own Converse bags at Blackleaf, Schuh and JD Sports. Grab a bag, some markers and go wild!

images: Curtis Gibson