Thursday, 15 September 2011

Converse x Britta Burger

Following all our Converse bags & accessories hype previously, we bring you news that they've collaborated with emerging UK-based creatives, who have customised their Converse bags to suit their styles and personalities (and you can, too! Converse bags are the perfect blank canvas!) First in our installment is Britta Burger - A London-dwelling photographer & journalist...

About: Britta Burger is a London based stylist, photographer and journalist from Austria. After her degree in literature and linguistics she completed an MA in fashion journalism (London College of Fashion). Britta is Acting Fashion Editor at Cooler magazine and London Fashion Editor of Flux magazine. She also freelances for a variety of UK and international magazines and quality newspapers. Her special area of interest is youth and subculture.

What band's style influenced you at school and why?Nirvana. It was all about grunge back then.

Describe your school style or your favourite accessory?Grungey - beige corduroy Levi's, grey lambswool sweaters, my grandad's old cardigans, mini kilts and over the knee socks, embroidered waistcoats, my favourite items were a black vintage tailcoat and a floorlength navy military double breasted coat with gold buttons - it was two sizes too big and I thought it looked amazing (we obviously didn't have to wear uniforms...)

How did you style up your school uniform?I went to school in Austria, we don't have uniforms there. But I remember being so impressed with them on my first trip to England as a teenager that I wore my own version of a British school uniform for at least a year...

The inspiration behind the bag:I worked on the bag whilst I was back home in Austria which was where I grew up.
I’m a big fan of the author John Updike and his 'rabbit' tetralogy, the duffle bag really reminded me of all-American High-School basketball heroes, the whole sporty collegiate style. It’s also about the way I grew up, the whistles remind me of my parents who were sports teachers and the poms poms, which I made with wool from my Granma’s house, are kind of like balls.
The canvas of the bag was just asking to be drawn on with the markers and I suppose it's also an abstract take on the classic stars and stripes, but I was inspired by the iconic pop art aspect of it, not the fact that it's a national flag. 

How amazing is Britta's kitsch all-American bag?! Stay tuned for the next installment of Converse's collaborations.
To be continued...