Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rodnik Band SS12

On Friday, Tantrum headed to St Martins Lane hotel to view Rodnik Band's latest collection, and we seemed to find ourselves strutting around saying 'Ahoy Sailor' rather frquently. If the 5* venue was anything to go by, we knew we were in for a treat, and a treat it was. 
The designer behind the eclectic brand, Philip Colbert, has launched his exclusive 'Cod Save the Sea' collection, including the special t-shirt to support the Environmental Justice Foundation in its work to end 'pirate' fishing. Colbert's designs portray that amazing almagamation between music, art and fashion, and wearable art is definitely on the Rodnik Band agenda. We at Tantrum loved each and every 'art dress' exhibited at the launch. Aquatic shades were bold with exquisit fish scale patterns and scalloped designs in sequined, PVC and soft cotton materials.


Each design is hand-sewn, paying great attention to embroidered detail. With a unique pop art approach the colours were bold, the designs theatrical and each dress was as interesting as the last - diverse fashion at its best. If you lack confidence in wearing such designs, such as a sequined teapot dress or PVC fisherman's coat then don't stress, a more wearable, toned down nautical collection of dresses are also available, that's not to say that the designs aren't funky, though. Not only did the dresses stand out, the pieces accompanying them were a perfect match; From a piranha bag to a shark clutch - they were literally killer accessories!

Not only were we infatuated by the boldness of designs, but the cocktails weren't half bad either (and of-course the music set the tone of the under-the-sea magic!). Keeping with the unique brand identitiy, Rodnik Band has made its mark on individuality in the fashion industry. The label has a niche celebrity following including Lily Cole, Sienna Miller and Liv Tyler and has been continuously supported by everyones fave fashion-monger, Karl Lagerfeld.

Philip Colbert has said that "the collaboration has allowed him to create a strong message behind the clothes". The collection is available from ASOS from September, 16.

words: Jemma Lamble