Monday, 19 September 2011

Teatum Jones SS12

'Once Upon A Time' would seem an appropriate collection of words to start this post off with, as a fairytale is exactly what the Teatum Jones presentation conveyed. What would the fairytale be, you may ask? Well, it would be "a story of a vibrant young couple swept along by a well packaged dream of perfection and what happens when that artificial dream expires and leaves you with nothing but your own surreal and frantic desire to escape".

The posh, Georgian-built venue was a admirable place to show such a whimsical collection, setting the mood beautifully. As we entered, hot and flustered from London's flash of sunshine we were more than happy to be offered a vodka martini -  everyone needs a strong drink during fashion week, don't you agree? With soft music playing in the background and fashion fiends sipping from their martini glass, the elegant, dreamy designs immediately caught our eye.

It seems that many designers this season have opted for a static showing, moving away from the quick fix of excitement that a catwalk presents. But we're not complaining - it was a calm showing that captured all essence of a sweet daydream. Each model was on a centre fixture, dresses of floaty fabrics were draping over the dainty, antique furniture. It was clear that the inspiration came from the "sentimental perfection of 1950's American suburbia".

Masculine structured tailoring met feminine silhouettes, creating a chic, classy look. Digital prints embossed layers upon layers of silk and organza fabrics, decorating a blank canvas of blush pinks, sherbet blues and taupe lilacs. A vintage diamond chandelier hung above the set, giving that romantic, dimmed light adding to the harmonious aura.

Mannequins supported the main pieces in a line at the back of the room, flesh-coloured palettes were injected with a bright lemon shade that added yet more depth to the colour, texture and shape.

words: Jemma Lamble