Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ashish SS12

It was almost as if we had stumbled into an outside fantasy of flowered meadows when entering the Ashish show yesterday morning. With said inspirations of flowers and the french countryside, we knew the collection would be a beautiful one.  Sequins were a key feature in this girls flower show and emblazoned the trusty biker jacket as well as the sweats and denim, giving the look that trademark Ashish sparkle.
It was evident that Ashish wanted to keep the collection away from complicated designs, simplicity was definitely the strong point - it wasn't too busy and everything patched together nicely.

Sunflowers, poppys and rosebuds grew on middy dresses, loosely structured shorts and timeless classic - the mini skirt. Hemlines weren't all short however, maxi dresses played a big part in this collection, so much so I think it is safe to conclude that the maxi is going nowhere anytime soon.

Although the Ashish girl may be personified as a hopeless romantic, there is definitely another side to her -  the tough side. Dark plum lips meet the tough workman-styled boots, and although decorated with flower vines, the fedora hat was there to toughen the edge. Splashes of leopard print and gingham made there way through the garden gates, intertwining with the floral print to add extra interest and depth.

We will be dabbling in this tough, romantic flower fiasco next season, will you be joining us?

words and photos: Jemma Lamble