Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Eye heart NY.

Alright, hand's up, Who else is loving this sweet satirical tee?

It's the perfect antidote to all those overdone, worn-out 'I heart' tees that are popping up in just about every city worldwide. Though costing $50, it pretty much outreaches most souvenir (and student!) budgets.
Make your own with a cheap tourist tee, googly eyes from a craft store and some glue. We swear nobody will be able to see the difference!

T-shirt $50 by Andrew Kuo at Opening Ceremony

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Street Style Sundae

Street Style Sundae: A delicious concoction of pure unadulterated style. With a cherry on top.

Welcome to our very first Street Style Sundae!
The Tantrum fashion scouts have been out trawling streets all over the country bringing the best dressed straight to the Tantrum blog for all you lovelies to feast your fashionable peepers on!
Here's the cherry on top of this weeks fabulous sundae:

This sweet old man had co-ordinated his entire outfit for the England match, even down to his mismatched blue and white socks! We admire his patriotism AND his fashion sense. Oh, and his aaaamzing patent red brogues.
See, being old doesn't mean you can't be cool!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fashion Icons Vs Superheroes.

It's the age-old fable, the story your mother wouldn't dare tell you before bed, it's the tale of the eternal battle of the Fashion Icon Vs the Fictional Superhero.

You have no idea what i'm on about, right? Let me fill you in...

In celebration of the 75th birthday of DC Comics, DC have collaborated with our fave French store, Colette and a range of designers, bringing you all manners of superhero-ey fashion. And no, we're not talking about lycra all-in-ones and underwear on the outside, but rather swish bow-ties ('The Joker' by Alexis Mabille), hooker-like thigh high boots ('Catwoman' by Roger Vivier) and gorgeous golden jewelled headbands ('Wonderwoman' by Maison Michel).

OH! and let's not forget these babies:

Our absolute faves from the Colette x DC Comics collection have got to be these 'Green Lantern' jewelled fingerless gloves by the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld.

We don't care if it's a million degrees outside, we'd wear these everyday, whilst probably running around pretending we really were superheroes when nobody was looking...

Green Lantern gloves, 495 euros from Colette

Hello Kitty x Doc Martens.

Okay, so we've said it before and we'll say it again: Hello Kitty really is taking over the world.

Not content with collaborating with some of the coolest and best-known brands around (M.A.C, Tokidoki and Stussy, to name but a few) The sassy little Japanese kitty has gone and got herself a gig with none other than the planet's favourite shoe brand - Doc Martens!

Softening up Doc Martens tough, punk-laced history, Sanrio have produced a line of 3 limited edition styles of cute but kick-ass boots, purrfect for even the girliest little kitty on the block.

Our personal fave here at Tantrum is the one printed with a whole bunch of Sanrio characters, featuring Kerropi, Chococat, My Melody and of course, Miss Hello Kitty herself, but we'd reeeeeally love to have all 3 of them. After all, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes...

Friday, 25 June 2010

Lacking Inspiration?

Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit low or if there's a project I'm working on and I'm lacking inspiration I go searching on the old internet for other peoples work to get the fire going again.
I found Yellow Ghost's (Angie Hoffmeister) site a while ago and had it bookmarked for those days when i needed an extra boost. I really love her style and the patience she must have for the detail is deffinately inspiring for one with such a short attention span as myself!

You can check out her work for yourself here
Alternatively you can find her on tumblr
(All images used in this post belong to Angie Hoffmeister.)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tell Me What You Know About Dreams...

Up here in bonny Scotland we've had SUNSHINE recently. Lots of it. Remember that little dot in the sky? It's been making regular appearances. And what goes better with sun (apart from maybe drinking cider in the park, some sand perhaps and sunburn) than some music!
At the moment my ultimate sunshine chilling song is Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness which you can listen to here.

Pretty sweet huh? Well have a listen of this cover by Lissie - I'm in love with her voice. When people do covers there's always the potential for a car crash but this is spot on. Might I also take this chance to compliment the excellent beards on her band mates?
Lissie has a single and album "Catching A Tiger" which came out in the UK on the 21st June, check it out!

What are your sunshine songs? Leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Songs To Crash Your Car To.

You know how some days you just need to put your foot to the floor and run off the road? Well, if these songs don't put you in the mood for destruction, you'll at least have an awesome soundtrack for your disappointment.

long love the car crash hearts Pictures, Images and Photos

jenny was a friend of mine - the killers. [here]

with a dark guitar riff running straight through the heart of the song, brilliantly playing up its dual nature, the lyrics tell of either a failed romance, or possibly a more sinister event. 'there ain't no motive for this crime, jenny was a friend of mine' - is this a metaphorical analysis of a break up, or a literal plea of innocence? the wonderful Killers leave this decision in your hands dear reader.
[On a side note, there are other songs in this tale - Leave The Bourbon On The Shelfprecedes Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, and Midnight Show concludes the story.]

st jimmy - green day. [here]

an instant classic, it's Green Day at, essentially, their most psychotic. anyone who's ever seen the video or even caught a live show will recognise the expression of insanity to the point of demonic possession which accompanies it (in the very best sense of course.) try not pressing your foot flat on the accelerator when this track is blasting through the speakers.

makes me wanna die – the pretty reckless. [here]

sick of tweens from tv shows putting out songs thinking they're rock (yes i mean you miley cyrus.) don't give up just yet. sultry and wanting through the verses, with a kicking chorus which will resonate with anyone who has ever had contact with another human being, this song almost dares you to show that wall just what you're made of.

tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today - fall out boy. [here]

this song is just plain angry, with the legendary line 'let's play this game called 'when you catch fire,' wouldn't piss to put you out.' let's face it, we've all been mad enough to crash through bridge barriers, and this song is those feelings burned into your consciousness every time you hear it.

it's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking deathwish - my chemical romance. [here]

any old school my chem justifies a high speed drive through darkened streets, but this song cuts through where other songs might fuck around to bring you rage, love, and epic guitar riffs - what more could a girl possibly ask for when writing off their wheels?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hair that's good enough to eat. Well, almost...

Think pastel colours are reserved for cupcakes and Peppa pig? Wrong!

Why not rock the pastel hair trend this summer? Do it like Gaga with her lilac streaks a-la LoveGame video?

Or if you’re being brave, you could really go to town, just like super-cute Audrey Kitching by dying your tresses in gorgeous muted colours.

And it looks like this style isn’t exclusively for the girls either. Jared Leto, actor, musician and quite possibly the hottest man on the planet, is doing it for the boys. Not one to shy away from being the centre of attention, his electric mohawk proves that pink truly is the only real rock n roll colour.

LaRich does an amazing range of pastel colours, available at www.vixensandangels.com and dyes by Manic Panic are the long-time favourites here at Tantrum HQ.

And If you’re not feeling quite as bold, paint your paws with Barry M’s range of pastel nail paints. Cheap, chip free and fantasmically on trend.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Click your heels and wish for these.

Cinders couldn't lose these shoes if she tried, and if we had them, we'd never let them out of our sight!

These colourful shoesies are all individually handcrafted and lovingly produced in the Osborn workshop in Guatemala. As if the vivid combination of South-American textiles and hard-wearing leather soles weren't enough to entice you, all of the materials used are entirely fairtrade and locally sourced, so you can step out in style without worrying about what mark your footprints might leave on the enviroment.

*Sorry the images are low-res, they're the best i could get!

Shoes from www.osborndesign.com

Friday, 11 June 2010

Underwear as outerwear?

OMG!! How funny are these tees!! Just saw Marina Diamandis from Marina and The Diamonds at the Isle of Wight Festival, and she was wearing one of these badboys! So I had to hunt them down asap and inform all you beautiful bloggers!

They are slightly tacky but I think that makes me like them more!
Heres a few teasers...

available at www.choiceshirts.com for $24.95

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

In case you need ANOTHER reason to be wildly obsessed with Wildfox Couture...

This should just about do the trick.

This film is just gorgeous and magically ethereal. It makes me want to do some weird pagan dances whilst listening to Bat For Lashes and Devendra Banhart. It also makes me want to buy cauldrons full of Wildfox Couture, which, alas, i cannot afford. Perhaps i could cast a spell to reverse my fortunes?
Spirits of fashion, i summon you...

Wildfox Couture Fall 2010 - It's Witchcraft