Monday, 9 January 2012

Watch out 2012: Soundtrack to the end of the world.

Lux Leopard

First up are Lux Leopard - a Russian indie band whose music has absorbed elements of indie, melodramatic, rock, pop, funk and nu-wave. This creates an upbeat, vibrant sound which shines through whatever the mood of the song. They are currently recording an album, but their debut EP "Secret" is available now. 

The Ghosts

The Ghosts are immediately recognisable, dreamy and a little bit haunting (in the best way). Taking in a wide variety of influences to create something unique, demonstrated brilliantly in first single 'Enough Time.' Their brand of unsettling beauty is worth putting on repeat while you wait for the album...

Caged Animals

If you're following our Twitter feed (and if you're not, why?!?) you'll have heard about our great love of Caged Animals. While their album was released in 2011, we had to include them for 2012 because there's so much on the album to enjoy. Their sound is utterly enchanting, and you can't just listen once - so don't even try to stop at one.

Erin K & Tash

Anti-folk at its absolute finest, Erin K and Tash have been carving out a slice of music which is entirely their own. You may have heard their clever, catchy songs before, but if you haven't then you're in for a treat. Their debut single is already out, and we're waiting so impatiently for their debut album come spring!

Foreign Slippers

Strong yet ethereal, Foreign Slippers are masters of the paradox. The songs are delicate while having such strength that the songs are pulled from simple ballad to something much more complex. With the "Avalanche" EP available already, we're excited for what comes in the year ahead.

The Jezabels

Ending on a piece of old school, American highway music with none of the usual side effects, we have the Jezabels. With resonating vocals and bucketloads of attitude, this is a band that are hard to shake off. The perfect way to start as you mean to go on, we need another Jezabels fix early 2012 please.

words: Kirsty Gillespie