Monday, 16 January 2012

Miss Patina.

This week here at Tantrum we have been lusting over a newly discovered vintage-inspired label, Miss Patina. If you love cute bows, mesh inserts, girly tea dresses. quirky buttons or are just partial to a cute collar, then this may be right up your street! Miss Patina is a UK-based brand that 'fuses retro style with today's trends to create a unique look'. Slip into a Miss Patina dress and you will feel both individual and stylish.

The collection is very sweet and sophisticated. Sweet vibes are in abundance for the Miss Patina girl who is young and innocent, but known for her playful streak. Her clothes 'reflect her sense of adventure'. The sophisticated Miss Patina girl is slightly older, emerging elegantly into a bustling city. Some aspects of the Miss Patina collection will allow her to bring a vintage streak with a sophisticated edge into the workplace. The colour palettes of both styles reflect the contrasting personalities of the two types of girl - sophisticated hues of rich maroons , navy and red meet with the sweetness of neutral beige, dusty pink and feminine lilac.

Our favourite thing about Miss Patina is that the collection mainly consists of dresses and shirts, which we adore. Emblazoned with peter pan/handmade collars, lace trimmings and an array of different prints, you know you are always in for a treat with Miss Patina.

Lusting already? weak at the knees? Miss Patina has a concession in Topshop, Oxford Circus so be sure to pop in for a vintage inspired treat, stand out from the crowd.
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words by Jemma Lamble