Friday, 1 April 2011

She’s Electric

Last week we were lucky enough to use The Electric Cinema in Birmingham as a location for one of our editorial shoots. With the concept of the shoot being a childhood rhyme with the line ‘sitting in the backseat drinking Pepsi’ (hands up if you remember the rhyme!), the retro-styled Electric was the ideal setting, and the plush red carpet and vintage cherry seats provided the perfect backdrop for the shoot.

As the UK’s oldest working cinema it was a privilege to shoot an editorial feature for our first issue here. With luxury seating at the back of the cinema with waiter service it would be nothing less than a treat to watch a film here (far from being in your local Odeon getting popcorn thrown at you by spotty teenage delinquents.)

The Electric continuously screens mainstream films but also embraces many art and independent films which are an all-round bonus! Now showing Submarine, Norwgian Wood, Archipelago and soon-to-be showing, Sucker Punch and Source Code.
Don’t hesitate to visit the website for the current independent film screenings and keep your eyes peeled for Tantrum’s debut issue where you can see the complete shoot in all it's cinematic glory!

words: Amy Edgar 
Thanks to the Electric Cinema