Monday, 4 April 2011

We expected this from The Vaccines...

As some of you may know, Tantrum HQ has recently been rocking to the sound of our new loves The Vaccines. What Did You Expect From The Vaccines is one of those rare albums that can stay permanently in a CD player because you know that it has a song for any mood - and that's just the first of its virtues.

There's the feeling that although this album is their debut, it signals the start of our long love affair with the band. A return to the rock'n'roll era that's been sorely missed, The Vaccines fill a gaping hole in the music scene at the moment.

The album has been dividing opinions since it was released, but it is so worth listening to. One of our highlights is opener Wreckin' Bar, with its kicking beat and relentless chant. Single If You Wanna (below), Norgaard, and Family Friendare destined to become old friends, with a mixture of power and feeling that's just irresistible. Our personal favourite has got to be anthemic Post Break Up Sex, which manages to be both mournful and kick-ass all at once.

The Vaccines have been hailed as the saviours of guitar rock, and this album does nothing to dispute this claim. Put down your false idols and worship at the altar of The Vaccines - we'll save you a spot.

What Did You Expect From The Vaccines by The Vaccines - out now.

Words: Kirsty Gillespie

Photo credit: Roger Sargent