Monday, 28 March 2011

Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media

Ever wonder how your favourite magazines thought up that interesting format? How they decided upon what fonts to use and which layout worked best on their front cover? Evert thought that they just sort of... slapped it together without too much thought and it just looked pretty by some magical twist of fate or something? Well guess what, that's not true.

'Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media' examines exactly what it takes to create a cutting-edge, successful publication. Split into 9 chapters, ranging from structure and typography to layout and visual language, with an entire chapter dedicated solely to the most important aspect of a magazine - the cover.

Featuring interviews from editorial designers who are at the top of their game as well as work from emerging talents and visual examples and breakdowns of the content of cutting-edge publications such as Volt, Self Service, Manzine and Wallpaper, this book really highlights the significance of excellent design within the publishing industry.

Now, we're already huge print media fans here at Tantrum, but after reading this book, we developed a much clearer introspective of the anatomy of publications and the sheer amount of effort and talent it takes to produce the magazines and newspapers that we take for granted. Oh, and not to mention, the baby pink hardcover looks super-cute on our bookshelf...

'Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media', R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, is published by Gestalten and available here.

Words: Navneet Gill