Friday, 18 March 2011

Regal Rose knows the score.

We all love a bit of jewellery, right? And I don't know about you but we love pieces that have a bit of a story and a little bit of an edge. Forget the cutesy little flowers and dainty teapots, we'd rather have miniature skulls, serpents and crosses. Sure, it may be a bit creepy but that's kinda how we roll.

Regal Rose totally get what we're after, with chunky statement rings, featuring skulls, armour and, erm... unicorns as well as bohemian feathery earrings and a cool but macabre ear cuff that resembles a ribcage, they totally have that whole creepy but cute thing nailed. Here are a few of Tantrum's fave pieces.

All of these pieces are available for less that £15 each (they totally look like they should cost waaaay more, don't they?!) so there's no need to feel bad about spending your hard-earned cash! 
And for all you lot out there who love the whole notalgic, quaint little pieces, fear not, Regal Rose have got you guys covered too! 

Freya Silver Raven Skull necklace - £10.99
Armed & Dangerous double hinge cage ring - £11.99
Mai Snake Wrap earring - £14.99

all available from

Words: Navneet Gill