Tuesday, 22 March 2011

We don't care if Monday's blue.

So it might not exactly be a Monday today but let's be honest, it's not like we need to use that excuse to show you the SS11 collection from Stockholms hippest label - Cheap Monday.

Influenced by Latin denim styles and L.A's celebrity culture, the SS collection keeps that effortlessly cool Scandinavian edge through combining those infamously garish elements with Cheap Monday's trademark minimalist style, which results in, well, we'll just let you take a little peek at some lookbook shots so you can see for yourself...

With these incredibly cool, wearable and more importantly - affordable pieces, Cheap Monday prove that it's not just denim that they do well, and with their corresponding accessories lines (yep, think sunglasses, shoes and even underwear) we're thinking that Cheap Monday are a label we wouldn't mind being spotted in EVERY day of the week.

words: Navneet Gill
images courtesy of Cheap Monday
check out www.cheapmonday.com