Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Creepin' up the backstairs.

The fashion world is notoriously fast-paced. What's en vogue this week is out of style by the next, and in this insanely short life-cycle of fashion, it's kind of nice to find iconic pieces that you can actually keep wearing for seasons and years to come. The rock 'n' roll scene provides us with just that. 
Think about it. Leather jackets, Doc Martens, studs and distressed denim are pretty much ALWAYS cool, right? And when it comes to rockers' footwear, they don't come much cooler than Brothel Creepers, which just so happen to be the kind of shoes that Underground do best.

In recent years, creepers have gone from becoming underground icons to becoming catwalk favourites - featuring on the runways of Thierry Mugler, Charlie Le Mindu and Ashish. All I can say is Jeepers Creepers! I just can't wait to get my hands on a pair of the black suede Wulfruns!

words: Navneet Gill

images courtesy of Blow and Underground shoes.

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