Friday, 11 February 2011

Unsigned Soul.

Being coerced into leaving my bed to travel a deserted field takes a certain degree of talent. On this day in particular at Kenwood House, not only had the British winter fully taken hold of London, but aforementioned field was also covered in a thick layer of snow.

I was introduced to Dorian Oddwood by Nedim Nazerali, photographer for the day, as well as Imran Nazerali, his ‘assistant’ (little brother), Elliott Power the director and stylist, Kyle De’Volle.
Dorian is an alternative pop slash indie musician with more London dapper than hair on his head. With a certain quirky swank and a soulful voice only comparable to the likes of John Legend, his performances and acoustic versions (which you almost never come across these days) have been thoroughly savoured by those who have come across his talent.

Dressed in an olive green mohair coat by graduate designer Benedicte Zuccarelli, an abruptly checked shirt and deep purple pair ski pants and construct ion boots on his feet, we went full swing into an interactive shoot in and amongst a mass of white stuff and sunshine. Elliott, Dorian’s best friend and film producer, as well as Nedim and Imran, had their cameras at the ready for an impromptu snap whilst Kyle told me about his styling and recent involvement with Rita Ora (definitely one to keep note of) a 20 year old singer who is currently signed to Roc Nation, to which at this point I wonder why everyone has more musician friends then me.

After a mid-snow garment change into a tent-like anorak and baby blue suede shoes, we diverted further into the foliage and set up camp across the sky line of central London, eventually leaving to allow our feet to gain vitality and allow blood back into our fingers.

With singles like The Love Routine, Keep off the Grass and Bees Don’t Sleep, and regular appearances of his dog, Dorian is a unique talent undeniably set to achieve greatness in a more contemporary music industry. If his outrageous afro or unique London style isn’t to your liking, his voice is sure to change your mind.

Words: Megan McDowell
Photographs: Nedim Nazerali and Imran Nazerali
Director: Elliott Power
Stylist: Kyle De'Volle