Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Playing the Queen of Hearts.

Before the madness that is London Fashion Week, we've just found a delicious slice of electro-pop to get us running from one show to the next. Queen Of Hearts (who you may remember from our twitter or facebook teasers) has just hit the net and it's exactly what we need to get us (even more) excited.

Described as 'melancholic electro-pop, with a big dollop of love on top', this is musical glamour at its finest. A strong debut, with ethereal vocals and a pulsing beat, this song is going to be everywhere soon.

If you were disappointed with the new Gaga song, or are missing the Blondie sound, we can't recommend Freestyle more. Learn the lyrics, pull out your best dance moves, and party to the sound of the future - we certainly will.

Photo Credit: Jenny Brough

Freestyle by Queen Of Hearts: listen here