Thursday, 3 February 2011

ACOFI Launch

Tantrum were kindly invited to attend and celebrate the launch of Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration (ACOFI). On a very chilly Friday in the heart of east London there was nothing more you could ask of. Held in the bunker café of the soon-to-launch 123 eco fashion store on Bethnal Green Road. We were greeted with a never ending choice of teas from Pukka served in vintage tea cups. The intimate setting harboured an exclusive atmosphere.  Unbeknown to the outside world, what little treasures were lurking inside!

Never ones to pass up on sweet treats, we indulged in some delicious cakes courtesy of Lilli Vanilli who provided the sweetest  mini scones to the nuttiest chocolate brownies – truly a sight for hungry eyes!

The room was full of some of the most talented illustrators who had been featured in ACOFI. The book was created by Amelia Gregory the brains behind Amelia’s Magazine It joins her first book ‘Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration’ and both of Amelia’s books show a great understanding of illustration and capture the spirit and style of emerging illustrators.

Just a glimpse of ACOFI’s front cover ensures it’s hard to resist picking it up to appreciate the beautiful content. The book features the work of 30 emerging illustrators around the world, combined with almost 50 ethical fashion designer profiles. It shows great character and gives full recognition to each illustrator which crafts a personal feel. It’s unlike any other fashion book - it is a burst of colour, art and fashion.

The event was a perfect way to celebrate the book and virtually brought it to life, everywhere you looked there was an illustrator capturing the moment. We were even lucky enough to have our illustrations done by the very talented Jenny Robbins and Joana Faria.

Illustration by Jenny Robbins

Illustration by Joana Faria

After being spoilt with tea and cake we were treated to an incredible goodie bag full of many treats from Tatty Devine, Moleskine, and products from Dr. Hanschka.  The cherry on top of a brilliant day!

ACOFI can be bought here Amelia’s magazine  and in all good art bookshops
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