Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Featured Band: Evarose

It seems that the 90s are back whether we like it or not - velvet dresses, hairbands, and of course the leggings. So why wouldn't music follow suit, producing one of the best all-girl bands Tantrum has heard in a long long time.

Evarose are a four piece rock/pop band from Oxford, and if you're looking for a new favourite band I can genuinely say there are very few better places to start.

With two exclusive free downloads available on their site (Cough It Up and an acoustic version of Flatline) and a new EP out (featuring brilliant new single We Can Pretend Anyway), how could you possibly resist?

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Plastique dreams.

Plastic jewellery is cool. It's a fact.
It reminds you of being eight and having an entire collection of plastic rings that you got from a gumball machine for 20p each. Oh, those were the times.
If your days of pocket-money pieces are long gone and you're looking for a way bring back the precious plastic-loving memories of yesteryear with a contemporary twist, then we suggest you get yourself over to Plastique.

This L.A based company offers amazing, minimalistic pieces of plastic-fantastic jewellery. Choose from retro cassettes and boomboxes, city skylines and graphic shapes all made from high-quality laser-cut acrylic by graphic designer, Jen Murse.
Our faves have got to be the Tower Bridge 3-finger ring and the Paris cityscape necklace, but we'd buy 'em all if we could. If only plastic jewels looked this cool when we were eight...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Polish up with Eyeko.

Word on the street is there's a hip new cosmetics brand around town. Going by the name of Eyeko, this London-based online beauty boutique boasts some of the most badass shades of nail polish we've seen in quite a while, but of course, we have to give 'em a trial run before we add them to our messy little make-up kit.

We tried out their baby blue Pastel Polish which had just a teeny hint of mermaid-like shimmeryness. It glided on the nails with minimal fuss (none of those horrible gloopy bits that you tend to get with some polishes) and only needed two coats to get to the same sky blue shade as you see on the bottle. 

It was far more hard-wearing than we thought it'd be, enduring a couple of crazy nights out before it started to show signs of chipping, which was pretty impressive.
The bottle may be small but you definately get your moneys worth, with 20 colours in their current collection and new ones being added every month, you're sure to find a shade to match every mood and, more importantly, every pair of shoes in your closet!

Eyeko nail polish in Pastel - £3.50

available exclusively at www.eyeko.com

Monday, 11 October 2010

Fanzines by Teal Triggs

Every so often, you come across a book so brilliant you take extra-special care turning the pages, in fear of leaving grubby fingerprints across them. Fanzines, by Teal Triggs is just one of those such books. 
If you thought  DIY 'zines started with the 1977 punk invasion, or that they were at their peak during the riot grrrls' reign of the '90s, then you, my misinformed little friend, could not be more wrong. Fanzines documents the development of the 'zine culture, from it's inception in the 1940's straight through to the e-zines of the present day. 

This highly-visual book features amazing imagery of some of the most unique and overlooked 'zines throughout the past 7 decades, as well as stunning images of famous 'zines, such as 'Sniffin' Glue' - the well-known, pioneering British punk fanzine.

As well as the impressive collection of imagery, Fanzines also gives the reader a fascinating insight to the history of independant 'zines, so you're not spending all your time gawping at the pretty pictures, but actually learning a thing or two as well. 

In my opinion, Fanzines is a must-have for anybody who is interested in independant publications and 'zine culture. And if you're not, it sure makes a lovely coffee-table book...

Buy it here

Images via my scans of Fanzines, © Teal Triggs & Thames & Hudson

Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's always time to MISBEHAVE.

At least Natalie & Kate, the girls behind the emerging Polish clothing label, Misbehave seem to think so. And after seeing their collections, it's safe to say we totally agree!

Injecting some individuality and attitude into your life with their original take on streetwear, Misbehave offer up a range of quirky graphic tees and varsity-inspired pullovers and jackets, for you and the impossibly cool, well-dressed boys in your life. And if that isn't enough to get your fashionable little curiousity-buds tingling, then their playfully-shot lookbooks are sure to do the trick. 

I don't know about you, but this makes me want to grab my best friends, some balloons, and heap of alcohol and completely trash a hotel suite. All whilst wearing that gorgeous Misbehave varsity jacket, of course...

Misbehave clothing available at www.msbhv.com

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Going a bit mental for GOGO PHILIP.

Chances are, if you're a girl who spends endless amounts of time trawling through the heaven that is Topshop, (as, let's face it, most of us British girls do) you've already been hypnotised by Gogo Philip's amazing jewellery.

Inspired by "all the incredible designs he had seen throughout his childhood", Gogo Philip aims to recreate the vintage-influenced pieces with contemporary appeal, for a younger market. As well as, of course, ensuring they don't bust your bank balance. Which, in my opinion, is the perfect combo.

So, you've seen the pieces, fallen madly in love with the lookbook and want to buy some shiny new jewellery like, right now? 
Well, you can, from the comfort of the very couch you're sitting on, because...*drumroll*... Gogo Philip has just opened his online store
His entire collection is available to buy on the world wide web, so there's absolutely no excuse not to jazz up your jewellery stand with this edgy-luxe brand.

available at www.gogophilip.com

Friday, 1 October 2010

Another hard hitter from Urban Decay

Waving goodbye to summer and embracing the cold winter weather is never really easy, and with it comes a whole host of problems for the skin.

Let's break it down; the air is freezing and skin gets dry and flakey, mostly on the face. Yuck. As always, Urban Decay have once again come to the rescue (and at Tantrum, we couldn't be more relieved!)

Urban Decay's Urban Defence Tinted Moisturiser is our favorite, for so many reasons. Not only does it provide the nurturing goodness for our skin, but it has a built in SPF 20 for those sunnier days, and gives the skin an even, healthy glow, cancelling out the need to fumble with foundation in the morning.

In a range of natural colours, you can wave goodbye to cracked skin and say hello to the dewy skinned, girl next door look all year round.

Urban Decay Urban Defence tinted moisturiser - £17.50