Sunday, 3 October 2010

Going a bit mental for GOGO PHILIP.

Chances are, if you're a girl who spends endless amounts of time trawling through the heaven that is Topshop, (as, let's face it, most of us British girls do) you've already been hypnotised by Gogo Philip's amazing jewellery.

Inspired by "all the incredible designs he had seen throughout his childhood", Gogo Philip aims to recreate the vintage-influenced pieces with contemporary appeal, for a younger market. As well as, of course, ensuring they don't bust your bank balance. Which, in my opinion, is the perfect combo.

So, you've seen the pieces, fallen madly in love with the lookbook and want to buy some shiny new jewellery like, right now? 
Well, you can, from the comfort of the very couch you're sitting on, because...*drumroll*... Gogo Philip has just opened his online store
His entire collection is available to buy on the world wide web, so there's absolutely no excuse not to jazz up your jewellery stand with this edgy-luxe brand.

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