Saturday, 16 October 2010

Polish up with Eyeko.

Word on the street is there's a hip new cosmetics brand around town. Going by the name of Eyeko, this London-based online beauty boutique boasts some of the most badass shades of nail polish we've seen in quite a while, but of course, we have to give 'em a trial run before we add them to our messy little make-up kit.

We tried out their baby blue Pastel Polish which had just a teeny hint of mermaid-like shimmeryness. It glided on the nails with minimal fuss (none of those horrible gloopy bits that you tend to get with some polishes) and only needed two coats to get to the same sky blue shade as you see on the bottle. 

It was far more hard-wearing than we thought it'd be, enduring a couple of crazy nights out before it started to show signs of chipping, which was pretty impressive.
The bottle may be small but you definately get your moneys worth, with 20 colours in their current collection and new ones being added every month, you're sure to find a shade to match every mood and, more importantly, every pair of shoes in your closet!

Eyeko nail polish in Pastel - £3.50

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