Saturday, 23 October 2010

Plastique dreams.

Plastic jewellery is cool. It's a fact.
It reminds you of being eight and having an entire collection of plastic rings that you got from a gumball machine for 20p each. Oh, those were the times.
If your days of pocket-money pieces are long gone and you're looking for a way bring back the precious plastic-loving memories of yesteryear with a contemporary twist, then we suggest you get yourself over to Plastique.

This L.A based company offers amazing, minimalistic pieces of plastic-fantastic jewellery. Choose from retro cassettes and boomboxes, city skylines and graphic shapes all made from high-quality laser-cut acrylic by graphic designer, Jen Murse.
Our faves have got to be the Tower Bridge 3-finger ring and the Paris cityscape necklace, but we'd buy 'em all if we could. If only plastic jewels looked this cool when we were eight...