Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Featured Band: The Virgins

If, like us, you're finding this summer's 'hottest tunes' a little too difficult to escape, then The Virgins and their self-titled album are the perfect antidote.

The album, and indeed the band in general, span a wide range of musical genres so there's something for everyone, but they all have something in common - a kick ass beat which will capture you body and soul.

Personal highlights include Love Is Colder Than Death [much less hardcore gothic than it sounds, promise] and Rich Girls. Newest single Teen Lovers is worth more than a few listens too. Our recommendation for hitting repeat is Hey Hey Girl - we promise it'll feel like summer's still here.

Here's the Tantrum tip; make it old school - buy the CD, climb in a fast moving vehicle and say goodbye to the charts.

The Virgins by The Virgins - available on ITunes or Amazon.
Alternatively, check out their myspace here.