Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Six Steps to a Flawless Finish

Every once in a while, you’re bound to have a bad skin day. Whether you wake up with racoon eyes from partying too hard the night before, or you’ve had a sudden break-out at the most inappropriate time. With these six steps, you’ll never need Photoshop again.

To prove these products work, I’ve included some photos of my own face. Before, during and after.

This is how I look before I start

So first of all is foundation. Be sure to choose one that’s closest to your skin tone – orange is for oompa loompas. I used Revlon ColorStay mineral mousse in fair. Apply a sparing amount across the face with clean fingers (because it’s more hygienic and easier to smooth out) and ladies, remember to blend under your chin to avoid tidemarks. A little goes a long way with the foundation.

For problem areas, apply a liberal amount of concealer, then smudge in with the fingers. Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral does a really good job – you can even use it alone if you’re feeling bold.

Ok, so now my face looks patchy, yes?

Never fear. Powder over your whole face for a shine free, blended finish. I use Revlon ColorStay pressed powder for this.

If you’re feeling a little pale, apply a touch of blusher on the apples of your cheeks. Also apply a small amount across the bridge of the nose for a natural glow. Dab the applicator brush on the back of your hand first, this ensures you look natural, not clowny. Ted Baker of London makes a really nice blusher.

To finish off your look, make your eyes and lips defined. Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes (I’ve used Define and Lengthen mascara from The Body Shop) and slick on your favourite lipgloss. For me, it has to be Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker.

And there you have it. Six products, one face and an airbrushed finish.

Revlon ColorStay pressed powder - £10.49

Revlon ColorStay mineral mousse – £9.99

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - £8

Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral - £5.99

Ted Baker of London B’lush kit - £6.36

The Body Shop Define and Lengthen Mascara - £10.00