Saturday, 7 August 2010

Giant Vintage with a teeny tiny price-tag.

With this recent, uncharacteristic scorching summer sun us brits have experienced in the past couple of months, the entire nation has ditched their umbrellas for summer's best-loved accessory - sunglasses.

From oversized and overpriced dark designer sunnies to ridiculously cheap knock-offs, everyone has at least one pair of shades in their collection, but if you're dying to stand out from the High Street crowd and still stay o
n your bank manager's good side, then you need to get yourself over to Giant Vintage.

Founded by two L.A based ex-stylists who have scoured the world in search of the coolest retro shades, Giant Vintage is home to over 1000 pairs of authentic vintage sunglasses, dating from the 1970's, as well as high-quality reproductions of iconic vintage styles. They offer shades in every style and colour you could imagine, from flip-up lens to visor sunglasses, Giant Vintage have got yo
ur peepers covered!

Yeah, we know, there's so many styles, it's hard to choose just one, but with prices starting from just $8, you can afford to whip out your card and buy a few pairs to tide you over the remaining summer weeks. Though be warned, I will be sporting mine all through autumn and winter too, they're far too cool to take off!

Taffy pink sunglasses - $20
The Love green sunglasses - $12
Happy carnation folding sunglasses - $20
Camptown matte demi sunglasses - $16
Flippo black flip-up sunglasses - $20
all available from

Giant Vintage offer international shipping at really reasonable rates, so the sunny summer lovin' is available to everyone!