Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Style Scrapbook x Kipling

We know you lot out there are a fashion-savvy bunch. And also, a lot of you are those creative types, who never leave home without a camera. In fact, you probably (like us) let said camera get bruised and beaten away in your bag without a protective case because let's face it, all the camera cases available aren't exactly what you'd class as 'stylish'. Well, that is until now...
Style Scrapbook (blogchild of super-stylish Andy Torres) has collaborated with Kipling to create a limited range of camera bags that are practical AND fashionable.  If you're thinking this is all a little bit familiar, that's because Andy has previously collaborated with Kipling on a collection that sold out in just 24 hours! This time around, the cases are available in 3 different sizes (including one for SLR's) and in 3 different colours (black, tangerine and vanilla cream) These really are the most perfect and practical accessory to be seen with!

And as if that wasn't enough - there's even a special case for iPad's and tablets, in the same colours and finish as those cute camera bags! Finally, your gadgets can be as well-dressed as you are!

This limited edition collection is available from next month. For more info visit