Monday, 27 February 2012

A Musical Revolution.

Calling all hipsters, music snobs and band geeks out there - you think your band is cool? Think again. Russian band Pussy Riot are starting a revolution with their music.

Clad in balaclavas and neon, these women are capturing the mood of a generation through songs protesting their political regime. Termed 'the symbol of young Russian discontent' by the media, they recently performed a gig in Red Square which ended with them being taken away by police.

The power of musical protest.

The band are sworn to anonymity, yet they show no fear in the face of arrest - in fact, it's something they've come to accept will be part of their struggle against Putin and his regime.

So what do they hope to achieve? In an interview with Moscow News the band told them, "We have a lot of goals: we want to develop the protest punk rock, we want the ideas of feminism again become relevant, we want to see Putin is gone, we want to be around Pussy Riot formed a kind of creative environment, which would fall more and more people with their ideas and projects. In principle, this is already happening."

Music has always been a method of self-expression, capable of great good - something that's easy to forget in a time where too much music has little meaning.

So who wants to start a band and change the world now? We sure as hell do...

You can find more information on Pussy Riot here.