Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Joy Division by Kevin Cummins.

If you call yourself a music fan, then there's absolutely no doubt that you know all about the iconic post-punk Manchester band, Joy Division (and no, just knowing of them because you stumbled across the movie Control one night on TV does NOT count.) Although the band was short-lived, their contribution to the British music scene in particular is immense, and this book of photographs by NME photographer, Kevin Cummins (whose career started alongside that of Joy Division) allows a rare insight into the behind-the-scenes lives of the beautifully tragic band.

Although it's not a new release, we feel it's a book that deserves a special mention. Filled with Cummins' stark black-and-white photos of Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner as they rehearsed, performed and hung out, the simply titled Joy Division proves the point that a picture speaks a thousand words. The images hold a certain nostalgia and sadness about them, perhaps due to the fact we're all aware of how the whole scenerio panned out for the band, however, the photographs also stay true to the style and the sound of Joy Division. The simple, honest and raw monochrome images complement the band perfectly, but if you're one of those that likes your books with a shot of colour, Joy Division also features images of rare concert posters, set lists and guitars and personal notebooks belonging to Ian Curtis.

This book is by far the most definitive and one of the most beautifully designed Joy Division books around, and offers an invaluable insight into one of Britain's most iconic rock bands for hardcore fans and music enthusiasts alike. If the bright orange cover isn't enough to grab your attention, what lies on the pages between it certainly will. So press pause on whatever Love Will Tear Us Apart cover you're listening to (and my, there have been a fair few of them!) and tune into the real thing. And while you're at it, pick up this book and delve right into the dark and beautiful world of Joy Division.

Joy Division: Foreword by Jay McInerney, Contribution by Bernard Sumner, Photographed by Kevin Cummins. Published by Rizzoli.

you can buy the book for £17.01 on Amazon and find out more on the Rizzoli website.