Monday, 7 November 2011

Get your nails into beetlejuice.

We're absolutely L-O-V-I-N-G these new nail-polishes from Models Own, they look so nifty and we just can't wait to get our nails into them! (See what we did there, eh?) You've got a mix of four for the price of one, and with five (Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet and Emerald Black)  to collect there's an endless amount of designs just waiting to be created!

Each pearlescent shade gives a sleek, chrome-like finish - all inspired by the wings of a beetle. Models Own are offering great discounts on their website where you can get three polishes for £12 or five for £18; considering they're usually £5 a pop, it's a definite go-and-buy-now offer.

We love them and can't wait to experiment. Are you considering the purchase? We say DO IT!

words: Jemma Lamble
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