Saturday, 9 July 2011

Jewel Heritage

Fancy some jewellery that packs a punch? Then look no further than the obscure offerings from Jewel Heritage

This unorthodox brand, created by two sisters with backgrounds in fashion and illustration brings together gorgeous craftsmanship with sinister yet awe-inspiring designs to produce classic pieces that are perfect for everyone who's in search of something a bit different from the norm.
Inspired by "mythology, death, classical civilizations, symbology and all things in-between", the ominous treasures from Jewel Heritage might not quite be to everyones taste, but that's okay. Who wants to be wearing the same thing as everyone else anyway?
Four Skulls Ring (Purple) - £45
Eyeballin' Ring - £24

Harbinger of Death Ring (Special Edition) - £60

all available from the Jewel Heritage online store.