Monday, 9 May 2011

Meet our newest BFF's.

Love hurts. We all know that. Sometimes the things that seem to be made for one another can cause each other the most pain. So why not harness all those weepy, ironic, eat-your-weight-in-ice-cream, achey-breaky moments and transform the agony into... something cute?

That's what Travis Cain's done for his Kidrobot BFF'S mini-collection. His newest collection, consisting of these teeny-tiny little blindboxed vinyl cuties, features the 'perfect pairs' that have a habit of causing each other more pain than pleasure. 

Meet Eddie and Sprinkles - the sweet little cupcake and his spiky metal buddy. Or how about the Ray of sunshine and the hot relationship he shares with Softee the ice-cream cone? With sixteen surprisingly super-cute couples to collect, you'd better clear some room on your shelves for your new BFF's.

Just like Incubus said: Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt.

buy the BFF's and find out more here