Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Behind The Zines

Zines are cool, we all know that, but they're commonly thought of as a media-form of days past, before the likes of facebook, twitter and, erm, blogging existed. Alas, this way of thinking shall be no more, thanks to Gestalten's new release; 'Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture'.
'Behind the Zines' showcases the immense variety of zines which are created in this day and age. Produced by all kinds of creatives worldwide - from illustrators to photographers, writers and graphic designers, zines can be seen as quirky portfolios and exhibits or just a way of getting their work, ideas and views out there to share with the world. 

Filled with full-colour images of contemporary zines as well as informative interviews with their creators, 'Behind the Zines' shows us that zine culture really is still alive and kicking in the 21st century

Guess it's time for us to break out the scissors and glue and become part of the revolution...

Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture by R. Klanten, A. Mollard & M. Hubner is published by Gestalten and available here.