Monday, 8 November 2010

Remember, remember, album release of November?

Now that the circled date on our calenders (or, more realistically, the notification on our mobiles) has passed, we're left with the sense that something wonderful has happened - we have an album that will make us forget the horrors of winter (and insufficient heating) and give us the musical lift we need.

The Constant, the much anticipated debut album by I Blame Coco, is a rare breed - music which sounds just as right in a late night club as it does powering to university (or work, or school... wherever you take your ipod really) on a cold morning.

The only problem we found about this album were picking out our favourite tracks! Personally, I adore Only Love Can Break Your Heart, and new single In Spirit Golden... although, in saying that, no playlist could ever be complete without Please Rewind.

This album is a beautiful mix of powerful vocal and synth-pop which we promise will have you singing along like you're an X Factor auditionee on their very last chance.

The Constant by I Blame Coco - available here.