Friday, 5 November 2010

Boys Day.

Let's get straight to the point, this post consists of our fave male models of the moment. We're not gonna drawl it out with big words and anecdotes that only we find funny, we're just gonna whack up some delicious pictures of delicious-er boys we would most definately NOT kick outta bed. Like, ever. 

We're merely girls after all, powerless against their perfect bone structure, tattoo-covered bodies and general 'fuck 'em all' bad boy attitude, so here goes...drool away, you can thank us later.

Cole Mohr

Killer cheekbones - Check. Piercing blue eyes - Check. Tattoos & bad boy 'tude - Check, Check. Cole, you ultimate babe, get your beautiful face down to Tantrum HQ. Now.

Ash Stymest

Gorgeous hair - Check, Gorgeous face - Check, Numerous tattoos and skating injuries? Check, Check. Drummer with his own show on MTV? Total Bonus. Oh Ash, you make our hearts jump like we're on cocaine.

Josh Beech

Hot body? Chchcheck, Covered in tats? Check, 'Don't fuck with me' stare? Check. Musician? CHECK. Josh Beech, you can come throw a tantrum with us anytime. Preferably when you're topless though...

Conclusion - We like boys. We seem to like 'em more when they're shirtless and have multiple tattoos and possibly a cigarette or two hanging out of their mouths. 
Why? Well, just look at the stunning male specimens we've provided you with! We're not quite sure exactly what it is that makes them so irresistable, but what we are sure about is that we're not alone in thinking they're, well, totally GOR.GEOUS.
Which is kind of a shame 'cause we could probably do without all the extra competition...

photos: all over the 'net, but mainly via