Wednesday, 29 September 2010

LalaLove is the answer.

Katharine Hamnet may have instructed you to 'Kill all your idols' but we say you should wear them. Across your chest. Like a lovely big badge of pride.

How? Well, we're not on about getting a dodgy tattoo of Marilyn Monroe or Barack Obama or whoever etched onto your body, because that's just silly, and painful, and you'd regret it like, 5 minutes later. What we're talking about is the sensible and painfree option of getting one of these brilliant t-shirts by LalaLove instead.

Featuring everyone from Vivienne Westwood to Bowie, De Niro to Madonna and even John Lennon & Yoko, you're sure to find someone whose face you find worth of wearing. And if you're having trouble choosing between Twiggy & Aggy, fear not. The LalaLove collection is priced at between £22-£26 so you can splash your cash and take 'em both home.

LalaLove t-shirts available exclusively from SUPERSWEET shop