Monday, 27 September 2010

Featured Band: The Dozen Dimes.

If, unlike me, you can actually get this band's name right (I keep calling them The Dirty Dimes to the confusion of everyone around me) then you're a lucky person who's one step away from typing it into Spotify and entering the beautiful world of nostalgia.

The debut album, Get Real Gone With The Dozen Dimes, is a beautiful return to the heyday of 60s music - think Grease, but you wouldn't be embarrassed to admitting to having this on your iPod. Perhaps the best song on the album which bridges the gap between past and present is Dirty Shenanigans, but it's looking like it'll be a cold day in hell before I take Mean Little Girl off of repeat. In a great album, other songs worth a particular listen are Hey Paulina and the misleadingly named Forgive Me (which wouldn't seem out of place on the set of Happy Days.)

Matt Friction (yes, that Matt Friction from Pink Spiders - how many do you know of?) has the perfect voice for this style of music - something that I certainly wasn't expecting when I hit play, but just this once I'm glad to be wrong.

A perfect piece of pop which seems to confirm the rose tinted glasses view that the heyday of music has well and truly passed - I for one am heading of to dig out my parents' records and grab me a neckscarf and a T-Bird.

(Spotify Link above.)