Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Galibardy - Patron saint of seriously hip, yet totally affordable jewellery.

If, like us, you're constantly scouring the internet, vintage stores and quirky little boutiques in the hope of finding jewellery that's just that little bit different from the stuff that crowds the racks at Accessorize, you'll know the quest for unconventional styles of bling is often a tough one. You find some relatively cheap and cool jewellery - it breaks or rusts all to soon, and if it's quality you're after, you end up having to pay through the nose for it. It's a lose-lose situation it seems. Well it was, 'til now.

Enter Galibardy. Saviour of those of us with student b
udgets and a penchant for the extraordinary.This East London-based designer offers imaginative, whimsical jewellery at an extremely affordable price. With cocktail rings featuring offbeat designs, such as turntables, skulls (animal AND human), cadillacs and hippos and necklaces boasting solid brass animal teeth, stag heads, hot air balloons and retro-style cassettes, this fantasy-inspired brand ensures that you stand out from the crowd with their unique and enchanting pieces.

With amazing jewellery to suit an array of budgets and a celebrity fanbase, ( including Lindsay Lohan, Georgia Jagger and Peaches Geldof, to name a few) Galibardy has fast become a sure-fire favourite with us here at Tantrum and we bet out bottom dollar that you're gonna love them just as much as we do. It's pretty much impossible not to!

Hot air balloon necklace - £18
Gold teeth necklace - £16
Mixtape necklace - £10
Rose skull ring - £18
Red apple ring - £18
Stag head ring - £18

All available from
Pssst... Fear not, you lovely international readers, Galibardy offer worldwide shipping so there's no excuses for not snapping up some gorgeous new jewels!