Monday, 5 July 2010

Me & Zena.

The tagline at Me & Zena is 'Jewellery for the unruly'. We like that. We're unruly, and we dig jewellery, so it's perfect for us. Also, it rhymes, and everyone knows rhyming is cool.

Here at Tantrum, we like the kind of jewellery that has an edge. We're bored of seeing the same old flowery pieces with dainty little doves and swallows and pearls. We need jewellery that's beyond cool, something that stands out from all the High Street stuff that everybody else has.

That's where Zena comes in.
Zena McKeown, the clever clogs behind 'Me & Zena' is making sure that we're the envy of, well, everyone around us with her amazing retro-inspired jewellery collections. Ranging from Robot lockets to UFO pendants and old-school TV sets on chains, Zena is out to change the way we see the sparkly stuff, for the better!

Her latest designs take into consideration the general vampire-fever that seems to have infected the entire universe. Featuring a set of gorgeous gold (or silver, if you prefer) fangs, with red crystals depicting blood, these beauties are due to be released on July 9th, coinciding with the release of Twilight Eclipse.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Me & Zena and get your fix! With her affordable prices, quirky designs and celebrity seal of approval (Ellie Goulding's a fan) There's really no reason why Me & Zena shouldn't be bookmarked as your fave new jewellery site! It's definately ours!

UFO necklace - £28
Robot locket necklace - £28
Fangs necklace - £14

All available in gold or silver at