Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bottle top

Recently I was at Cornbury Music Festival and was wondering around all the ‘festival stalls’ you know the usual ones that you always get, then I see this bag…wait “that’s made from ring pulls…right?” and to my amazement not only did I find a stall full of these amazing products including bags, purses and belts it was this an incredible charity! The company support grass roots education projects that empower young people.

Mainly based in Brazil and Africa the charity focus on quality and craftsmanship which lets them provide employment in poor parts of the world. This inspiring charity creates beautiful projects and improves lives by earning money and learning new skills.

With supporters such as David Bailey, Bob Geldof, Bill Clinton and many, many more we should all get on the band wagon and support this inspirational charity!

‘Maybe next time I have a can of diet coke I should think of keeping that damn ring pull!’

Acaraje coin purse - £12.00

Bellani bag - £85.00

Kibe belt - £35.00

All products are available at

And you can also donate to the charity at