Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fashion Icons Vs Superheroes.

It's the age-old fable, the story your mother wouldn't dare tell you before bed, it's the tale of the eternal battle of the Fashion Icon Vs the Fictional Superhero.

You have no idea what i'm on about, right? Let me fill you in...

In celebration of the 75th birthday of DC Comics, DC have collaborated with our fave French store, Colette and a range of designers, bringing you all manners of superhero-ey fashion. And no, we're not talking about lycra all-in-ones and underwear on the outside, but rather swish bow-ties ('The Joker' by Alexis Mabille), hooker-like thigh high boots ('Catwoman' by Roger Vivier) and gorgeous golden jewelled headbands ('Wonderwoman' by Maison Michel).

OH! and let's not forget these babies:

Our absolute faves from the Colette x DC Comics collection have got to be these 'Green Lantern' jewelled fingerless gloves by the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld.

We don't care if it's a million degrees outside, we'd wear these everyday, whilst probably running around pretending we really were superheroes when nobody was looking...

Green Lantern gloves, 495 euros from Colette