Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hair that's good enough to eat. Well, almost...

Think pastel colours are reserved for cupcakes and Peppa pig? Wrong!

Why not rock the pastel hair trend this summer? Do it like Gaga with her lilac streaks a-la LoveGame video?

Or if you’re being brave, you could really go to town, just like super-cute Audrey Kitching by dying your tresses in gorgeous muted colours.

And it looks like this style isn’t exclusively for the girls either. Jared Leto, actor, musician and quite possibly the hottest man on the planet, is doing it for the boys. Not one to shy away from being the centre of attention, his electric mohawk proves that pink truly is the only real rock n roll colour.

LaRich does an amazing range of pastel colours, available at and dyes by Manic Panic are the long-time favourites here at Tantrum HQ.

And If you’re not feeling quite as bold, paint your paws with Barry M’s range of pastel nail paints. Cheap, chip free and fantasmically on trend.