Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Caitlin Shearer x Karla Spetic AW10

Oh, hello there you wonderfully whimsical prints by Caitlin Shearer for Karla Spetic!
you totes just made my day!

This is the Australian illustrator's first shot at the fashion biz, collaborating with designer Karla Spetic and the girls have done good, no... wait.
They've done super-duper fantastically.
Caitlin's dreamy, feminine illustrations work so well with Karla's structured silk garments, don'tcha think?

I, for one, am deffo looking forward to some more Shearer/Spetic collabs in the future.
I can only imagine that they'll be even more magic than this one!

check out Caitlin's work
check out Karla's work here