Thursday, 29 August 2013

TV: Adventure Time With Finn and Jake

Tantrum has never been shy about our love of animation. From The Lion at Edinburgh Film Festival to Despicable Me 2, there's something about animation which appeals to us on a number of levels.

Some of you might have already watched Adventure Time With Finn and Jake, while for others it might be something which has been merely an edge of consciousness thing. Either way, here are five of reasons you should sit down and watch from the beginning.

1. Not Just For Kids

A lot of the time, we're guilty of seeing animation and thinking that it's not really 'appropriate' for an adult. Well, Adventure Time is proof that that just isn't the case. Instead, the show has a whole host of well handled, simply worded messages for adults too. Dealing with everything from death to sexuality, the show manages to be entertaining and meaningful without slipping into preachy - something which many apparently 'mature' shows struggle to manage.

2. Jake the Dog and Finn the Human

Our main characters - and while it might not seem that groundbreaking, a boy and his dog as the leads, we think Adventure Time has managed a spin on the old cliche. Finn isn't just a human, he really is 'the' human; the last of his kind. Think Doctor Who, only with more ass kicking, less angst, but the same amount of running. Plus, with Jake being the little (or big, depending on whether he's stretched out or not) ball of yellow sass that he is, things are never boring.

3. The Female Characters

How often do you see strong female cartoon characters? Especially in a show whose primary premise is the rescue of princesses? Well, this is a first for us at least; and it works. Princess Bubblegum is the queen supreme, giving the orders and working on her own science projects, Marceline the Vampire is an ass kicking mystery, and Lumpy Space Princess has survived being homeless and estranged from her family with... well, if not with good grace, at least with a great degree of fortitude. More characters like these please, TV shows.

4. Songs Galore

Having spent the past week of work singing the inexplicable-out-of-context 'Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries', we can attest to the fact that the songs in the show are addictive. There's not a big production made of them - and generally, no one sings without good reason to. This isn't Glee, people.

5. All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Okay, so it's not a legitimate reason, but it's true. We're all about individuality, but Adventure Time's cult following is well-earned. This time, follow the crowd. You can thank us later.