Monday, 26 November 2012

Basso & Brooke x The Cambridge Satchel Company

Everyone knows a gal's best friend is her handbag. I mean come on, what would we do without them? Where else would we store our credit cards, keys, phone, diary, endless supplies of skittles and gummy bears and, of course, the countless amounts of random crap you find whilst rummaging around your trusty carry-all (yep we're talking half-empty packets of gum, nail polish, Hello Kitty stickers, and that lipbalm you've been searching the last 2 weeks for...)

When it comes to bags, there's no doubt that we're spoiled for choice, but lately the only bag on our minds has been the long-awaited lovechild of print design pioneers Basso & Brooke and The Cambridge Satchel Company.

The Cambridge Satchel Company's unique, handcrafted, high-quality (and highly-coveted) satchels teamed with Basso & Brooke's eye-catching and inimitable graphic prints? ERR, YES PLEASE. These beauties are a far cry from the dreary connotations of the traditional paper-bag-brown school satchels from yesteryear, this is another designer collaboration that's surpassed our expectations (which, to be fair, were pretty high in the first place). 

We want one in every print; take note, Santa/Parents/Siblings/Boyfriend. *

The Cambridge Satchel Company x Basso & Brooke satchels range from £145 - £218 and are available here

*Subtle hints are our forte. If we don't receive one of these lush satchels come December 25th, we cannot be held responsible for the hell we will undoubtedly unleash upon those closest to us. Christmas is a time for giving, folks!