Sunday, 15 July 2012


Now, you guys know that when we come across something (or someone) cool, we can't keep our mouth shut. We've got to share it all with you, because we're just super kind like that... So, fans of fashion, graphics, design and independent brands, meet KILL JOSS.

KILL JOSS are a Glasgow-based lifestyle and apparel brand. Representing a fast-growing culture of creatively beautiful youth, they want to "Show our lives on clothing". With the motto "Apparel you would be proud to be buried in", this creative brand have a self - confessed "Fuck It" attitude to life.

The KILL JOSS trio is made up of three best friends (and siblings!) all from diverse creative backgrounds, ranging from hair-styling, blogging and designing to visual merchandising. The blog has been going strong for two years now and the UK and USA online stores both opened earlier this year. The entire operation from designing, organising photo shoots and packaging/delivering their hand-made pieces takes place in their HQ in Glasgow's chic Merchant City area.

Our personal faves include the "Dress like a doll, swear like a sailor" shirt (because, well... duh.) and the cool, graphic Blood Diamond shirt, but with so many one-of-a-kind designs to choose from, it's a tough pick! With their edgy and well-designed, high-quality pieces, we're predicting big things for this Scottish trio. And if we're being totally honest, we just really want to be part of the KILL JOSS crew... Well, wouldn't you?! 

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