Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Holy Crayola!

This summer, we at Tantrum HQ have made a pact that we're all  going to be channeling our inner five-year-olds by upholding our childish love for bold colours and pretty sparkles.

Want to know how?

Well, remember those days you would spend endlessly scribbling in colouring books, doodling cartoon creations or just finding yourself perched in front of an artist's easel, with nothing but a Crayola in your hand? Remember drawing all over your friend's arms with an array of bright crayons trying to fool everyone in the playground that yes, you may be 8 years old but those strange doodles are, in fact, super-awesome REAL tattoos? Crayons and skin never did work did they?... those waxy lil' beggars! 


The fun with Crayola can be recreated with the amazing (and much-anticipated) release of Crayola Mini Nail Varnishes. Sacrifice your wax stick and paper for some nail art fun! There are 8 colours in a box, all of which resemble a crayon, some are glittery, some metallic and some oozing a shiny finish and what's better is that they come in a big authentic yellow Crayola box... Now if that hasn't got your inner child jumping for joy, we don't know what will! 


available from fredflare.com

words: Jemma Lamble