Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Moxi Roller Skates

These blissful (and rare) few days of sunshine we've been experiencing in the UK have got us all fired into our summer groove. Which obviously means pulling out the cute crop tops and denim cut-offs and sunning ourselves whilst drinking slushies and alcohol (or a combo of both). As soon as we catch a glimpse of those sunny days, we envision ourselves skating down Venice Beach looking all cute and sporty and effortlessly cool like in the movies, but alas, in the UK (or more specifically, Glasgow, where we currently are...) isn't exactly a beachy hot-spot and let's face it, this summer sun ain't gonna last forever, or even til the end of the week! BUT if our super-cute-summer-skater-girl dreams were to come true, we'd definitely be cruising down the waterfront in a pair of Moxi Roller Skates!

The leopard-print and lavender taffy shades are our favourites, but unfortunately they don't ship to the UK just yet! Sad times for us wannabe-skater Brit girls but all you USA lovelies can bag yourselves some sweet skates over at

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