Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dazed & Confused: Making It Up As We Go Along

Few magazines are as iconic as Dazed & Confused. From it's humble beginnings in 90s London, Jefferson Hack & Rankin's editorial baby has grown into one of the most interesting and renowned youth culture publications in the world. So it seems only fitting, that to celebrate 20 who years in the fashion/music/culture publishing biz, they release a book showcasing some of their best bits.

Making It Up As We Go Along features snippets of some of Dazed's most cutting-edge editorial content, including photo shoots conducted by renowned fashion photographers, interviews with celebrated names in the music and fashion and arts industries and little anecdotes from the founders and team that have made Dazed what it is for the past 2 decades. This beautiful coffee-table book salutes the innovative content and design that has ensured Dazed & Confused's place as one of the pioneering arts & cultural publications in the 21st century and is a must-have for fans of the magazine and fans of the art world alike. In just 20 years, Dazed has cemented it's place in publishing history, we just can't wait to see how much further they come in the next 20!

Dazed & Confused: Making It Up As We Go Along is published by Rizzoli and available here