Friday, 25 November 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring.

This collaboration isn’t new, but it is definitely too good not to feature – It had us Tantrum girls drooling! Back in May, one of our favourite shoe designers, Nicholas Kirkwood teamed up with The Keith Haring Foundation, showcasing a rather bold range of shoes, inspired by 80s street culture.

Sculptural footwear has become an innovative trend, and we absolutely love the designs. Patterns and motifs were taken from Haring’s work and applied to an array of architectural styles. Pop-Art prints promoted subjects including AIDS activism and awareness as well as safe sex; a pair of knee-high boots emblazoned Swarovski crystals and rollerblade wheels – 

unfortunately these beauties were only for display.

We love the relationships between fashion and art; it is so inspirational and fun. The one-off couture collection is available at the Nicholas Kirkwood store on Mount Street, London.

“I’ve grown up with Keith Haring’s work around me. It’s so ubiquitous; you saw it before you even knew it was art. The bold colours, defined shapes and edges–that aspect of it, to me,
made it perfect for a shoe.” – Nicholas Kirkwood

words: Jemma Lamble